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Having A Home Inspection During Winter Is A Good Idea

People often wonder if it is possible to have an inspection during winter months. It is. In fact, it is actually a very good idea to schedule a home inspection during the colder months. I will explain why.

Winter can present challenges during a home inspection, however there are only a few places snow or ice will restrict an inspection. Those areas include the AC Unit, roof, and checking proper drainage-and that is only when there is excessive snow on the ground. When a complete inspection is not possible due to weather conditions, Charlie Kay Home Inspections offers a follow-up inspection at no charge. I will come back when things warm up and inspect/reinspect those areas.

The rest of the house can still be inspected properly during winter. In some ways, it offers an advantage. Extreme weather can cause all sorts of stress and damage to a home. Often, that damage is not revealed until temperatures warm up. These things can quickly turn into emergencies. With freezing temperatures, those failures are not always recognized until things warm up.

Another advantage of a home inspection during winter months is that it is easier to find drafts and insulation failures. For example, drafts and cold spots are particularly noticeable in winter. Also a snow packed roof presents an opportunity to check the integrity of the framing and how things are holding up under the extra weight.

A home inspection can be done in winter. Snow and ice present challenges, but they also present opportunities to see things that are more difficult to detect in summer months. A winter home inspection can help Ann Arbor, Detroit, and the surrounding cities homeowners avoid more serious damages when warmer temperatures arrive.

If you need a home inspection or know of anyone who needs a home inspection in Ann Arbor, Detroit, or the surrounding areas, please give me a call. Remember, anything I cannot thoroughly inspect due to weather, I will do a follow-up inspection on at no additional costs.

**These inspections are also available to existing homeowners who have been in their homes awhile. Systems wear over time and I also provide the same home inspection services for existing homeowners.


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